Member Church News: Musical Mission, Spiritual Support, Solidarity Statement

Mission through Music: The choir of the Women’s Association of the Presbyterian Church of Korea started their mission tour at the Reformed congregation in Slovakia, continued through Hungary, and concluded in Croatia.

A prominent United Church of Christ pastor is suing the United States government for interfering with her legal right to provide spiritual support and pastoral services to migrants and refugees at the border.

Ulrich Zwingli becomes a puppet in this jubilee year!

Twenty-five years ago the Uniting Church in Australia formalised their commitment to walk together in solidarity with the First Peoples of the Uniting Aboriginal and Islander Christian Congress by enacting the Covenant statement.

On 10 July 10 1509, 510 years ago, John Calvin was born, and on 10 July 2019, Calvin College (in Grand Rapids, Michigan, USA) has become Calvin University.

Let Us Prepare for a New Day of Peaceful Coexistence: the National Council of Churches in Korea has issued a statement on the meeting of leaders at Panmunjom.

The loss of Bishop Barnabas D. Mondal is being mourned. He was known for his support of theological education in South Asia, and for being the first national bishop and the former moderator of the Church of Bangladesh.

South Sudanese church leaders continued to amplify hope for their country, as the people quietly marked the 8th Independence Day, without an official government celebration.

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