Member Church News: Visits, Girls’ empowerment and bi-national ministry

A ministry agreement forming a new Arabic ministry partnership between the three organizations:  Evangelical Presbyterian Church of Egypt (EPCE), Back to God Ministries International (BTGMI) and Words of Hope (WOH). “As churches and ministries who share a Reformed heritage and calling to build God’s kingdom, specifically in the area of media, we believe that God has been preparing us for some years to take a step toward this partnership and shared ministry in the Middle East,” explained Rev. Kurt Selles.

What happens in the border region affects millions of lives every day. For more than three decades, Mexican and North American Presbyterians have confronted the challenges of bi-national ministry, sharing love, and demonstrating compassion, working for justice and giving hope. The PBRO has been a relevant presence faithfully living the Gospel while striving to reduce poverty and violence and building community in the border region.
Members of the NCCT Taiwan Church Cooperative Association, led by Rev. Lai Lai-shin of the Episcopal Delegation of Taiwan’s Anglican Church, on December 2 visited the Roman Catholic Church in Rome and paid a visit to the Vatican, Pope Francis and the St. Paul Church, the Anglican Church and the first non-Catholic church built in Rome after the reunification of Italy. Rev. Lai Lai on behalf of the Taiwan Bishop led through the Holy Communion and Sunday preaching. 

Women’s empowerment programs have been at the core of the ‘Diaconal Ministry’ of the Church of South India. According to Rev. Asir Ebenezer- Director of Diaconal Concerns- CSI Synod “these programs have taken many forms in different contexts. Education, empowerment, and economic livelihood options were some of the areas that took root in most places. Education of girls was the flagship of church’s education ministry.
“I’ve been blessed on several occasions to have heard and read the beautifully articulated words of Mardi Tindal, former moderator of The United Church of Canada, as she has reflected on her participation in United Nations (UN) climate conferences. I’ve been inspired by her compassion, her conviction, and her unwavering commitment to hopeful prayer and action in the face of “among the most urgent spiritual and moral challenges of our day.”

A three-member pastoral solidarity team of the Christian Conference of Asia (CCA), visited West Papua, heard stories of grave human rights violations and repression against the indigenous West Papuans in their own home land.

The Latin American Council of Church -CLAI invites its members in Latin America and the Caribbean to attentive prayer in relation to the events that affect the people of Honduras after the elections last week with great questions about the results obtained.

Mitri Raheb, a keynote speaker at the 2017 General Council, shares a theological reflection on President Trump’s address regarding Jerusalem.

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