WCRC calls for solidarity and protection of Colombian peacemakers

On Saturday, July 14, 2018, an illegal armed group, “Águilas Negras”, issued death threats towards a group of social leaders, human rights defenders, organizations and journalists. Among those named was JUSTAPAZ, a Christian Mennonite association that partners with the Presbyterian Church of Colombia through the platform DiPAZ (Interchurch Dialogue for Peace in Colombia) and has a long history of promoting non-violent peacebuilding processes and accompanying Christian churches, organizations and victims of the armed conflict in Colombia.

We call for prayers for peace in Colombia and encourage the international community to stand in solidarity with JUSTAPAZ in face of this threat. We demand that the government of Colombia take action and provide protection for the staff of JUSTAPAZ and the communities they accompany.

Please read this statement issued by JUSTAPAZ and join us in signing on to their sign-on letter that will be used in advocacy efforts in Colombia.

In a joint letter with our Latin American regional council AIPRAL, we urge the Colombian government to adopt measures to protect peacemakers and to carry out diligent investigations. We encourage you to address a similar letter to your Colombian embassy or consultate.

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