WCRC supports call for peace in Cameroon

The World Communion of Reformed Churches (WCRC) supports a group of inter-religious leaders in Cameroon in their call for peace.

In August, Protestant, Pentecostal, Roman Catholic, and Muslim leaders held a roundtable discussion on the theme “Deepening Understanding for Effective Coordination and Collegial Action for Peace in Cameroon.”

Cameroon’s 27 million people have two official languages—English and French—but the people in the two linguistic groups are divided, which often flares into violence. They also face another affliction—violent extremists such as Boko Haram. Increasing conflict and insecurity in Cameroon has forced more than one million people from their homes.

After three days of discussion, which also included international ecumenical participation, the group issued a statement which reminded “all Cameroonians of our collective responsibility to make our country a haven of peace through the avoidance of hate speech.”

Stating that they are dedicated to “promoting justice, peace, social cohesion, national integration, and sustainable dialogue,” the leaders called on non-state armed groups to lay down their arms and for government forces to be more responsible in protecting citizens.

They urged the government to speed up the implementation of the Presidential Plan for Reconstruction and Development for the Northwest and Southwest Regions and to expand the plan into the northern areas of the country afflicted by Boko Haram.

“The Holy Quran and the Holy Bible remind us that ‘Thou shall not kill’ thus, Inter-Religious Leaders call on all Cameroonians to value human life and to seek God’s face through supplications and intercessions for humanity,” said the statement.

The WCRC is a member of the Ecumenical Forum for Peace and Justice in Cameroon. Funds from Otto per Mille are utilized to to promote peace with justice in Cameroon as a part of the WCRC’s Global Peace Initiative project.

Image: At the Ecole Publique de Borgop (Public School of Borgop), children participate in ‘the Listening Club’, where today painter and consulting artist Dogari Samson leads a specific eight-day intervention to teach the children how to make drawings with images and messages of peace. (Albin Hillert/Life on Earth)

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