WCRC to celebrate Reformation Day globally

The World Communion of Reformed Churches (WCRC) has invited its members to use a common order of worship and/or watch an online worship service to mark Reformation Day on 31 October.

The order of worship—“Being Reformed in a Time of COVID-19 and Beyond”—is available to download in English, French, German, and Spanish from the Reformation Day webpage on the WCRC website, which will also feature the worship service.

“The COVID-19 pandemic has shaken all of us in the Communion. We have lost many people. We have experienced men and women choking for breath. In our attempts to care for the sick and grieving, many of us have reached the limits of what we have been able to bear,” said President Najla Kassab and the Collegial General Secretariat in a letter of invitation to member churches.

“But in all these difficulties, we have also seen astonishing examples of reformation and renewal in our churches and communities. People care for one another; we see impressive networks for help and support. Many of our churches have turned digital and found astounding possibilities to stay in touch with each other, to reach out, and to witness,” the letter stated.

An online Reformation Day worship service, featuring participants from around the world, will be available for streaming from 30 October on the WCRC’s website, YouTube Channel, and Facebook page.

“We invite you to celebrate Reformation Day in 2021 together. We would rejoice if, on 31 October, we could share our doubts and questions, express our gratitude to God’s graceful guidance and renew our commitment to God’s mission in as many churches as possible,” stated the letter.

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