Reformed Partnership Fund

Through the Reformed Partnership Fund the WCRC provides small grants and other resources to member churches that carry out mission-related projects important to the life of a church and its surrounding community, particularly in the Global South.

WCRC member churches in the Global South are invited to apply for grants to support small projects in mission, diaconate (social services) and development.

It normally takes a minimum of three months before an application can be approved and funds are transmitted. However, in the case of emergencies that affect member churches (such as floods, earthquakes and war) different criteria apply.

Our implementing partners are churches in the Global South and Eastern Europe that carry out projects which are important for the life of a church and its surrounding community.

Our financial partners are organizations and individuals who believe in the potential for a small project to strengthen the faith and improve the daily lives of people living in challenging contexts.

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Our supporting partners include:

Churches Helping Churches (Kirchen Helfen Kirchen), a partner organization in Germany, also provides grants to churches for various projects. You can learn more about them here: