Reformed Partnership Fund

Application Process 2021

Through the Reformed Partnership Fund (RPF) the World Communion of Reformed Churches (WCRC) provides small grants to member churches to implement strategically impactful, mission-related projects important to the life of a church and its surrounding community, particularly in the Global South.

These grants are intended to strengthen the ties of member churches to the WCRC, as well as meet strategic objectives of both the member church and the Communion as a whole.

The WCRC also maintains an Emergency Fund, to which member churches may apply when needing assistance for disaster relief (up to €7500). Emergency requests may come at any point, while funds last.

For 2021, applications for regular projects should take up the vision of the WCRC Strategic Plan and focus on pandemic-related projects. These projects may include advocacy, capacity building, and education.

Regular project funding applications (of up to €10,000) must be submitted by 2 April.

Criteria and General Requirements for Regular Projects

Who may apply

  • WCRC member churches. Strategic groupings or partnerships of member churches will receive special consideration.
  • WCRC regional councils

Grant types and amounts

  • Regular project grants will be funded up to 10000 euro
  • For regular projects a local financial contribution of 20% is expected
  • Total costs for projects may exceed the amount requested (as long as accurate reporting can be made on the funded portion)

Application needs

  • The application form with all included information:
    • Updated member church information, as well as specific project coordinator(s)
    • Written narrative description of the project, including objectives and measurable indicators
    • Duration of project (projects must be completed within the year), including start date
    • Statement of how applicant will monitor proper execution of the project (i.e. internal controls)
    • Commitment to meet reporting requirements
  • A detailed financial budget (using the budget form), including any other sources of funding

When to apply

  • Applications for regular projects must be submitted by 2 April
  • For regular projects only one application from a member church will be awarded every other year

Reporting requirements
If awarded a grant, the applicant will sign a contract that sets out all reporting requirements:

  • Narrative report (with images, if possible) utilizing provided template
  • Measurement of indicators (or plan to do so)
  • Financial report utilizing provided template, including:
    • Receipt upon receiving the funds (with bank slip or statement)
    • Bank statements supporting project expenditures
    • Currency exchange rate(s)
    • Invoice list along with individual invoices
    • Updated budget form including data from invoices
    • Professional audit (which may be conducted by an independent firm)
  • All reporting must be completed within two months of the completion of the project (outside of any longer term measurement of objectives)

Download Forms to Apply (both are required)

The main source of financial support for the Partnership Fund is through the Waldensian Church’s Otto per Mille fund and a special grant from the Church of Westphalia (Germany), although donations from WCRC member churches, partnership organizations and individuals are periodically received and always welcome. Westfalen

Churches Helping Churches (Kirchen Helfen Kirchen), a partner organization in Germany, also provides grants to churches for various projects. You can learn more about them here: